I Love My Soul.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.19.55 PMEveryday I ask myself: What do I love about you?

The past couple of months I’ve come up with all sorts of things. Recently, however, I’ve noticed a recurring theme. My soul is f’n kickass. That’s right. I have the coolest, most badass, rocking, awesome, inspirational soul in the world. She’s the best and I love her. (Note: I am referring to her as a female, but that’s only because I am a female. I don’t actually believe my soul has a gender.)

My soul never, ever lets me down. She knows exactly what I need. She will never abandon me. She knows what experiences I need in order to heal and grow. She makes sure that I stay safe, happy, and always learning. My soul is the most dependable and reliable source of energy, growth, and wisdom.

My soul is incredibly intuitive. She’s always been– even when I was a kid. She only lets me feel fear that is real. I don’t have unnecessary fear, but when something is unsafe, I feel an intuitive pull that guides me to a better place. I am so thankful for my intuition. My intuition helps me make the best decisions. I always follow my intuition, my heart– my soul.

I never reject my experiences because I know my soul would never put me in a situation that I didn’t need to be in. I know that Karma has led me to wherever I go. I believe that the lessons I learn are exactly the lessons I need to learn, and that through any challenge I face, there is something for me to gain. I search for these opportunities to grow, and I am rewarded with strength and development. How lucky I am to have a soul that helps me do this.

My soul has endless, boundless, unconditional, unabashed love for me. She reminds me everyday that I am made of pure, divine, unconditional love, and that I have an open heart that is also full and full and FULL of love. I can feel this love every minute of every day. For this I am lucky.

My soul reminds me that while I crave human connection and have boundless love for everyone and everything, I also have all the love I’d ever need right here in my own little heart. My soul will never abandon me, and I will never abandon myself, and because of this, I could never, ever show others how to abandon me either. The love I have in my heart is enough to fill a thousand, thousand hearts and more. I could never stop loving. It will just flow and flow and flow out of me. The gratitude I feel for this is grand. Grand and whole and endless.

With this gratitude, this love, and this energy, I send love, love, and more love out to the rest of the world. I shine my light of love onto everyone. Please join me in my love, for it is pure, divine, and unconditional. And it feels so, so good.

Namaste, ya’ll.

-A Xo


Patience as a Value



Does anyone really have it?

Yes, of course. They must! I, unfortunately, have found patience to be one of the most difficult things to possess. It’s hard to conjure up, it’s hard to keep once I do have it, and it’s hard to recognize that I’m being impatient in the first place.

But yet, it’s so important.

And why exactly is it so important?

It’s important because it contributes to happiness and inner peace. I think a lack of patience can lead to anxiety and unhappy feelings. And, really, why are we always in such a rush anyway? Why don’t we accept more things as they are? If things were supposed to be moving faster, then… wouldn’t they be moving faster?

My biggest problem with patience comes when I want something to happen. Nothing can move fast enough and I will impatiently wait for this “thing” to happen. And you know what? That “thing” happens and nothing really changes. Being impatient is like waiting for the future, and while you wait for the future, you miss the present moment, the here and now, your true life.

What is life if not your present moment? Sure, we have memories of the past, and we think about the future, but are those real-life? Not really. Your real life is the moment that is happening right this second in front of you. My life right now is writing this article. Your life right now is reading this article. Nothing else really matters. If you can enjoy this very moment, then you can be happy. And if you live every moment that way, then wouldn’t you always be happy?

It sounds so easy, and I know it gets easier and easier the more you practice, but I don’t think it starts off that way. I do think, though, that there is a direct link between patience and happiness. Being patient means that you can see the value of your present moment and you’re not just looking forward to the next thing. When that next thing does happen, great! But being impatient means stressing and over-thinking, distracting yourself from your reality. And that’s where unhappiness begins.

So, how do we cultivate patience? I think it’s about always staying in the present moment, in the here and now. Make every moment count. Make every interaction matter. Be thankful for each and every moment you have and really live each and everyone of them. That’s your reality. That’s your happiness.

Start by believing it. Try meditating on positive statements such as: I am patient. I am a patient person. I can be patient. I have patience. I have the power to be patient. I am patient. 

Pitch it out there and the Universe will hear you.

Cheers, tears, and self-love,

-A xo

p.s. The here and now, baby!


I Choose These Thoughts

“When one begins to move in the direction of their dreams, a whole host of unexpected things begin to happen that were unthought of in the moment they decided to move.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.52.22 PM

1. Hold the vision, the intention in your mind in terms of the end. Not worrying about how you’re going to get there, that’s for the universe to figure out.

2. Starting point! Step out into the world. When we show up, even though we don’t know the direction we are moving, even though it seems inefficient. the setbacks, the flaws, they are all steps to your arrival.

It’s not until the final seconds that realize you’re there. There are miracles everywhere! It’s always working. Everyone day you get closer. Stick with it. Even though today looks like yesterday. Until suddenly you’re there. Stay the course! Even though sometimes you don’t see the miracles, they will be clear in hindsight after you arrive.

Walk around as if everything is a miracle. Same concerns for all humans. But we practice. We are all amazing! We all have doubts. “If I worry, I worry.” I can’t stop the fear, but I can read and think about what I know to be true. Life is a supernatural gift. I know that we are spiritual beings. We are literally all miracles. Worry and fear are natural in the primitive times we live. We need to cut ourselves some slack. Confidence to not give up in spite of the fear. Doesn’t make the fear go away, but it manages it. If I worry, I worry, but I hold my head high and act as if I wasn’t afraid and move in the direction of my dreams.

“If you do what you can with what you have from where you are it will always be enough.” It always works. Life is beautiful. We all have  an innate inclination to succeed. We always feel that everything seems inadequate, but it’s always more than enough. In spite of worry and fear, we always prevail.

What is it that you want? Once you can conclude, you start taking baby steps. You show up and you know the inevitability.

“Don’t attach to details. All details are unimportant. The details can excite you but the bigger picture is what we really care about.”

The truth: we all have default settings for friendship, laughter, and success so that we can even worry and be negligent and then be blindsided that the dots being connected for us.

Ultimate goal: happiness – (move towards) health, friendship, clarity, laughter, money … you don’t have to think of these things, they will still come into our lives– that’s how inclined we are to succeed. There is so much love, we are so powerful. Even the humblest of efforts will land anyone on their feet in the direction they are inspired to move.

Where you are is not who you are. You are infinitely more. You get to decide where your going regardless of you where you’ve been. You have an innate inclination to succeed. Don’t worry about your fear or negativity, just do what you can with what you’ve got. Hold on to the vision.

“Your thoughts become things… so choose the good ones!”

“Sometimes when things take longer than you thought they would, it’s just a gentle reminder from your greater yourself that you have more time than you thought and that there’s a journey to enjoy.”

The Four Agreements:

1. I am impeccable with my word. (No more talking poorly about ourselves or others!)

2. I don’t take anything personally. (What other people say and do is a projection of who they are!)

3. I don’t make assumptions. (Don’t assume I know and understand what people mean. Find the courage to ask questions!)

4. Always do your best! (And your best changes from day to day.)

Enjoy the path traveled and you’ll get to the destination! Be okay with being messy, with being a disaster before becoming a master. Enjoy the action without expectation of a reward. HAVE fun and do what you love in life! Do what you love, not what you get paid the most for. Enjoy the action! Live in the moment and have patience with yourself. Do your best. Always ask yourself, “Is this my absolute best right now?”

Be patient with other people. Be patient with yourself! ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!

Immediate forgiveness. Become immune to the opinions and actions of others. Don’t harbor anger or disappointment. “It’s like drinking poison and then expecting them to die!” Whatever people say and do is a projection of themselves. We become so much more powerful when we don’t take things people say or do. Be gentle with people.

Be the change we want to see in the world.

Environment is stronger than will power. People get sucked into negativity. My wealth can only grow to the extent in which I am willing to grow myself. 

Connect the dot that life is beautiful, that there is divine order. Everything is a miracle. Connect the dots you need but don’t connect dots you can’t connect.

If you want change, define the result. Don’t worry about the hows, just figure out the destination. But that doesn’t mean don’t take action. Take lots of massive action! Dream up your end results… let them be general, not encumbered with details. Everyday, do stuff, but not the cursed hows. Do the best you can and then turn it over your greater self, to the universe. Work smart. Make yourself available to life’s magic. Network, mingle, try websites, ask for help, speak, find out where it feels good. Find out where it feels lousy. Knock on all the doors. Keep trying different things. Where things work, you find progress.

“Have your dreams and show up every single day. Be prepared to be astounded!”

Don’t base conclusions only on things you can see. Miracles are happening everyday that we cannot see. Don’t draw conclusions with our physical senses. Everything will look the same. Don’t draw the conclusion that it’s not working. It’s working for you right now! Everyday you get closer. Everyday it gets easier. Hang in there despite of appearances. You’re powerful. You’re not broken. Keep showing up!

Negative thoughts don’t stand much of a chance against our natural optimism that we don’t even give ourselves credit for having. Positive thoughts align so much more with our natural selves.”

“Where you are is never who you are. You are infinitely more.”

Step towards the light. How do we start? Take what’s good and reject the rest. On a dime, you can wake up to the truth. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. Choose the least sucky option and go! Just don’t wait. Don’t worry about hows. Say yes. Have a great attitude. Take micro baby steps.

Know what the truth is. When you know what the truth is, you are free from guilt, you are free from confusion and you immediately begin gravitating towards who you really are. You may seem lost at first. But you honor who you are and who emerges as you discover who you are. You follow your heart and it gets easier and easier and easier. You are inclined to succeed.

These words are inspired by Mike Dooley with Notes of the Universe. What a truly lovely and inspiring human being.

Healing Stones

myhealingstonesFrom all negative there is positive.

I always learn so much about myself whenever I go through something difficult, big or small. I find myself thankful for any and all challenges because I know I am going to come out stronger in the end. I know there will be so much gained and that my future self will be better off.

Today I bought some crystals. When I first went into the store, my mind desired to read a book, and then pick out the ones that I thought I needed. The store owner suggested that, instead, I close my eyes, take a deep a breath, and upon opening my eyes, find the one that stands out to me first. That would be what I truly needed, and not the one that my mind (the ego) thinks it needs.

Well, when I did this, I picked out two stones that although appeared different in color both turned out to be Bloodstone. Who am I to deny that my mind, body, and spirit are craving Bloodstone if I could pick it out two times without even trying?

Bloodstone has an effect of preventing high blood pressure, cleansing the body, and aiding in decision-making. I feel very good about these effects, and I will try meditation with my new pieces tonight.

I picked out one more stone without reading its description and it turned out to be Carnelian. Carnelian releases sorrow, envy, fear, apathy, rage, and past life work. Again, I feel very good about these effects.

Today I truly had an “I” day, and it has really been a great day. Almost every day I face some kind of challenge with anxiety, but I always keep in mind that once it surpasses, I will feel even stronger than I already do. And I feel like a warrior already. Maybe the Bloodstone’s healing power in prevention of high-blood pressure is related to my anxiety. Either way, I feel good about trying it.

Happy Sunday!



I Am The Master Of My Universe

master universe


I am the master of my universe.

I decide my destiny.

Release. Let go. Release. Let go.

I make happen what I want to happen.

I make honesty my divine power.


I search for my truth.

I find my truth.

I live my truth.

We are all the masters of our own universes.

I fill my world with love, openness, honesty, and truth. It is a beautiful world because of this love, openness, honesty, and truth.

I forgive. I release. I let go.

I am the one that drives this car.

I am the one that makes my world what I want it to be.

I have power. I have control. I have power.

I am not a victim of anyone, of anything, or of myself.

I accept myself wholly.

I love myself wholly.

I am the best person I can be.

I forgive myself for any hurt I ever caused in the world. I promise to always try to improve myself, my actions, and my behavior.

I commit to making my world a better place.

I commit to choosing to see my world as beautiful.

I commit to sending and receiving positive energy.

I commit to seeing the good in people, including myself.

I commit to love.