How Do You Love?

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  1. I trust.
  2. I give love without the intention of receiving.
  3. I don’t take things personally.
  4. I am impeccable with my word.
  5. I do not make any assumptions.
  6. I ask questions.
  7. I am clear.
  8. I am honest.
  9. I always do my best.
  10. I accept fully.
  11. I forgive, immediately.
  12. I don’t try to control.
  13. I let myself experience my emotions.
  14. I let things be.
  15. I am grateful.
  16. I listen.
  17. I take good care of myself.
  18. I say “no” when necessary.
  19. I make my own decisions.
  20. I support.
  21. I give space.
  22. I keep learning.
  23. I love myself first.
  24. I don’t fear, worry, or reject.
  25. I observe, notice.
  26. I see everything with love.
  27. I remember that I am love.
  28. I don’t have expectations.
  29. I hold myself responsible.
  30. I know I am not a victim.
  31. I remember I have power.
  32. I give myself credit.
  33. I shine my light.
  34. I do not judge.
  35. I let emotion out in healthy ways.
  36. I remember I’m strong.
  37. I know it’s okay not to be perfect.
  38. I let my soul heal in the ways it needs to.
  39. I meditate.

How do you love?


Unabashed Love


Here I am again today, filled with love and more love.

Love and more love. Pure, unabashed love.

I can feel it in my toes all the way through my entire body up through my neck and my mouth. I am breathing in love. I am breathing out love.

I let it in and I let it out. I am full and full of love.

It’s so soft and smooth and warm. It feels like a baby’s skin. Baby skin is love. Love is baby skin.

I am love. You are love. We are all love.

All people are made of love. We are made from love. Not just romantic love, but pure, unabashed, unadulterated love.

Sometimes I think we don’t have the language to express the love we are made of.

But I can feel it. I can sense it. I know what it is without necessarily being able to express it. It makes me smile. It makes me giggle. It feels good. It is love and it is beautiful.

What does love feel like to you?

Confusion and Questions


Confusion is confusing.

Following our gut is confusing.

Intuition, feelings, thoughts, worry, anxiety, fear. All confusing.

Not knowing what to trust. Confusing.

My mind feels like it could just burst from confusion.

I have to trust myself. I have to trust my gut. I have to trust that I can be okay. I have to trust that I am strong. I have to trust that I am powerful. I have to trust that I am the master of my universe.

My questions:

Why trust anxiety?

Why trust fear?

Why trust worry more than trusting love?

Why not trust love?

Why not trust pure, unabashed love?

What are we so afraid of?

Are we conditioned to believe love cannot be pure?

Why do we fear so much?

Does worry really prevent bad from happening? Can it simultaneously prevent some good from happening?

I will go meditate on this. Let go. Love. Release. Love. I love you.


Love Overflowing


Have you ever felt like love is literally pouring out of you?

That is how I feel right now. I am literally filled with so much love, happiness, and joy that it is seeping out of the pores of my body.

Nothing happened. Nothing changed. Well, that’s not exactly true. Something big happened last night (my niece was born!) so I am sure that is contributing to my love today. BUT, nothing happened in the last few minutes to fill my heart with as much love as it has right now.

It just happened. It’s more like I just noticed it. I noticed the massive amount of love in my heart, my soul, my bones. It’s in my gut. I have SO much love right now.

I think people intentionally stop themselves from living with this much love. I think people are afraid of love sometimes. Maybe this stems from a fear of being hurt, or a fear that someone may not love you back. But I challenge this thinking. My love is so pure and so real and so gentle that it is not there because of its desire to be loved back. The love just exists on its own! It’s amazing. It’s an amazing feeling. Wow. It’s so pure. My guess is that love that is there solely to be loved back is not real, true, genuine love. A love that is filled with fear is also not real love.

When you put yourself out there, you run the risk of getting hurt, sure. But when you simultaneously tell yourself (and truly believe) that you can handle ANY and ALL consequences that may arise, you are so much freer. It is liberating not to live in fear. It is liberating to have confidence and to know that you can handle anything. Because you can! We are all warriors. We are all so strong. Think about how much people have endured. Challenges only make us stronger. We are such lucky creatures. We can love and love and love and love and love. We can have an abundance of love. And we don’t need anything in return. We can just love. And it can just feel that good.

Hmm… my heart is filled with love. It is warm and wonderful. My heart feels safe and protected because it is surrounded by beautiful, beautiful love.

Is there anything strong enough to pierce through love?

I guess that will be something this experiment can help me find out. But I am feeling so confident right now that I am not afraid of that.


You know that song “Happy” by Pharell Williams?

Well, check out this video of him tearing up when watching people dance to his song. It’s so beautiful.

I have heard this song so many times by now, but seriously, every time it comes on the radio, I don’t change the channel. I listen. I think of the music video of people dancing. And you know what? It makes me feel happy. It really does.

I think Pharell’s song brings me happiness because positivity is contagious. Positive attracts positive. The more positive energy you put out, the more positive energy you receive. It’s such a wonderful thing. It feels so good to be happy. It’s a choice I’ve made. I want to be happy. I want others to be happy. I want YOU to be happy. I really do. It makes me happy just to even think that way. You can’t see it, but I’m [creepily] smiling at my computer screen as I write this. Ooh, there was a little giggle. It feels so good to be this positive.

Why don’t you join me in this happiness?

smile today